Motivation and Journey

I am fortunate enough to be taught by my father since an early age about importance of Health and Lifestyle and Yoga as a pathway to sustain them. I have been taught about Yoga and ayurveda since childhood and have been a regular practitioner of Yoga since past 4 years. I have completed some of the advanced level certification in Yoga from YogaPoint Trimbakeshwar. I have also completed a teacher training certification in Yoga from the same institute. I also work as teaching assistant in some yoga batches taken by my Gurus. I love volunteering in the events and classes by the institute. It not only helps me keep a regularity in my practice, but also helps me connect and learn more about people and their lifestyle.



With your body you need to befriend🤝
Few moments everyday with it, you need to spend⏳
Follow healthy habits it will become your best friend 💕
And will hold your hand with happiness till the end ✨


Amidst the chaos find the Calmness,
A little time to yourself to feel the Uniquness
The time you have is indeed Priceless
Celebrate each moment to feel the Happiness💫


Add a little confetti to each day
And a smile to your practice everyday.
Will make your simple days special
And your practice more enjoyable :)

Key points

EARN your Health

  • E - Exercise
  • A - Positive Attitude
  • R - Rest
  • N - Nutrition


  • You cannot buy your health, You must earn it through healthy living
  • Good Health is the best Wealth.

Explore Yourself!

As there is a technology to create external wellbeing, there is a whole dimension of science and technology to create inner wellbeing

I would say

Your health is Your responsibility, so make it your Priority



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