Projects and Achievements

Project: Decode-EKG

Idea Overview

A self innovated idea to develop an AR application to assist clinical decision making. The existing EKG devices deployed in cities and villages can be reused as is but the interpretation of reports can be extended beyond cardiologist with intelligence on mobile phones. The application will be of great use not only to common people who would get immediate summary of their cardiac status and anomaly detection suggesting next suitable steps. but also doctors to infer, simulate and visualize the plots/ nature of waves and provide insights and draw inferences. In addition the app (or software) would also solve the issue of lack of inability to correctly detect the anomalies and severity of the condition by the technicians of the ECG diagnostic centers.


According to facts, Heart disease being the 36% of the cause of deaths, makes it top cause of death among certified deaths. The editorial points out the scarcity of cardiologists. In india, there are only around 4000 cardiologists while CVD is the leading cause of death. The reality is a village can have only technicians. Anyone can connect and get the graph, but very few can interpret. Many times the false interpretation by technicians puts an individual’s life at risk. Failing to detect the severity of the condition, the patient is not directed to a suitable next which costs his life. Article from Feb 2020 shows the severe scarcity of qualified cardiologists in India- “1700 cardiologists lose specialist tag after MCI order”. There are only a handful of specialized cardiologists and an appalling need to improve the quality and education of to-be cardiologists. This makes a need of Trusted second opinion is very important in real India, in tier 3 cities and below


The product as a whole would be an augmented reality application to read paper forms of EKGs via camera and display -
  • Heart Rate
  • waves amplitudes P, Q, R, S, T;
  • intervals RR, PQ, QRS, QT, QTс;
  • the position of the segment ST.
  • And draw suitable conclusions with live simulation (via AR)
The end user can scan the report (ECG waves are available in the form of reports to the common people) and check for any cardiac anomaly. The clinically graded app will provide suitable suggestions to nearby cardiologists depending on the severity of the condition. The application can assist the technicians in the village and city with the interpretation of the reports and help them give better and apt decision regarding the condition of the patient The cardiologists can use the app ( or software) to visualize various test cases and hypothesize through the AR visualizations The registered hospital with the help of app can keep a record of the cardiac history and reports of all the patients The students studying cardiology can use the app for simulations, visualizations and interpretations of the report. Try various cases and study the heart in AR for better understanding, thus helping the quality of to-be cardiologists


  1. First Runner Up in Open Day Data Science Hackathon by Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Banglore

    (Feb 2020)
  2. Finalist NetApp Women Innovation 2020.

    (Mar - Oct 2020)
    Received a 4 month technical mentoring in the development period by Netapp Experts.
  3. Winner TechExpo 2020 by Indian Institute of Techology, Guwahati (IIT G)

    (July - Oct 2020)
    Got an opportunity to interact and connect with Angel Investors and mentors to further support the development of the product
  4. Semifinalist Empresario '20-21, Indian Institute os Technology, Kharagpur

    (Oct 2020- Jan 2021)
    Empresario is one of the India's biggest B-Model Competition organized by IIT Kharagpur. It helped us connect with ventures and develop the business model of the product.
  5. 2nd Runner Up, GirlScript Ideathon 2020

    Ideathon by GirlScript which is the fastest growing tech-community in India.
The project is open for collaboration and guidance.

Start up Experience

Aug 2019 - Feb 2020

Had worked as a core member of the Start-up PCOS Virago. A startup catering to the needs of women suffering from PCOS/PCOD and helping them reverse it by providing Holistic health solutions. It was incubated under COEP, BHAU Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cell. Gave an opportunity to work in a start-up environment, developing team building, leadership and business model development strategies and connecting with investors and venture capatilists.


  1. First Runner Up in Google Start-up Weekend, Techstars

    (Sept 2019)
    54 hrs of brainstorming with mentors and developing a proof of concept and business model.
  2. Semi-Finalist Eureka 2019. Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

    (Sept - Dec 2019)
    Asia's biggest B-Model Competition.