My work in Blockchain

A brief about my work

Witness Chain

Currently I work as blockchain developer at Witness Chain - Building trustfree Networks. I wrote solana contract for the bandwidth proofs and handled the on-chain and off-chain integrations. Besides, I wrote grpc clients, wrote rest api and integrated solana with frontend.

Harmony-Zero Knowledge University (Cohort 3)

I was among the 21 graduates out of a cohort of ~500 students. During the 8 weeks I learnt ZkSnark based proofs mainly Groth16 and Plonk. Learnt different Zk protocols like Semaphores, MACI and how ZK has been implemented in different applications like Tornado cash, world coin etc. As a part of my graduating project I developed a ZK anonymous blogging website based on Semaphore protocol.
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Achievement - Received IPFS bounty prize at Hack Web3 Conference India 2022


During my internship I worked on the Warp project. Warp transpiles Solidity to Cairo (a layer 2 Stark-based turing-complete language for writing provable programs on blockchain) thus making Solidity available on Starknet. I wrote passes to handle Solidity Return behaviours, library calls and imports.

Summer of Bitcoin

Among the 51 selected students out of around 5000 applicants from all over India. It was the first chapter in India derived from the Chaincode labs. A 10 week program learning about Bitcoin architecture and contributing to bitcoin projects

About project

I was one of the contributors to Bitcoin Core Repository under mentoring of Forbes 30 Under 30 Crypto Leader Amiti Uttarwar. I worked in the P2P domain and developed a functional test coverage for the self-advertising logic of bitcoind nodes.